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I’ve discovered this website via an advertisment. My first reaction was probably similiar to everyone elses – I was shocked with all those low prices on all the top-notch products. At first I thought that this is some kind of fraud, or this service will be bankrupt pretty soon.
I was looking for catch in the Terms and Conditions, but other than purchasing the local currency, I couldn’t find any. It’s not really a problem but buying virtual money was never my thing. I still wasn’t convinced but after researching this issue on Google I have changed my mind, and I’ve decided that this is a pretty neat service. I’ve read hundreds of positive comments, asked people about it and they all said it’s worth a try, so I’ve finally registered.
Shortly after registering, I’ve realized that there’s really nothing for me to do without BIDs and I still didn’t want to spend my money yet. After about a week. I got lucky, and I’ve received 100 free BIDs. It’s not much, but still it’s enough to try your luck, and therefore I’ve almost won a Logitech G700 Gaming mouse. I’ve wanted it for a while now, and now I have a perfect occasion to get it without paying that much. Unfortunately I lost all my free BIDs and didn’t win this mouse, but I’m pretty sure I almost got it. I realized those auctions are pretty exciting to play in.
I think I’ll stick to wellbid for a while to get that mouse, and by looking at the catalogue I can also help out my siblings who are deep into photography, and I’m pretty sure I’ll find something for myself to look out for.


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