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If you’re not interested in getting a great deal money wise, ignore this entry. If you’re still reading that means that you like deals, and you’re a smart person. Are you rich? Neither am I, so it’s understandable that I’m trying to get something while saving as much money as I can. From what I’ve heard, all the most successful people in the world are like that aswell. They weren’t born rich, they had to work hard to get there. Also, they know the most important rule: “Don’t give up!”. If you’d look at some successful person’s biography you’d see that I’m right.
So when I found the wellbid website I knew that I will spend some time here. Why? Because you can win brand new products here for some really low prices! If you don’t believe this is possible, you think this is a scam, or you’re just a skeptical person, well let me explain how it works. This website is based on auctions. You use BIDs to bid on these auctions, and those BIDs are kind of like a website’s own currency that you have to purchase to play. Is it hard to win? Well I think it’s easy, but you have to follow these rules:
1. Don’t ever play with low amount of BIDs because you will lose them.
2. Sometimes it’s better to let an auction go, instead of losing all of your BIDs.
3. Try to find an auction in which you can interrupt 2 people playing against each other. But before going in wait until they’ll lose enough BIDs.
4. Don’t ever give up. Especially not after losing an auction.


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