Won an Auction? Show off your winnings!

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You have just received a package with an item you had netted for pennies at wellbid.com. Now it’s time to get some extra BIDs! Write a comment and send in your picture with the won item, and free BIDs could be yours.

You can leave a comment after receiving the item. You’ll find the “Comment” button next to the won Auction on the “My Account” page.

komentarz-300x200The more interesting the picture, the better the odds your comment will be accepted. The size of the image file cannot exceed 100 kB. We especially invite pictures showing the Winner with the won  item. Show us how happy you are with your prize! Go beyond the conventional pose – you could demonstrate how you use the won product, for instance. Use your imagination. Perhaps you have an original  arrangement idea? The right background, complementing your new games console, remote-control drone, or ice-cream maker, might be enough to make a world of difference.

For your comment, write down your impressions from the Auction. There must have have been something worth sharing with other Users. Tell us how much you enjoy your item. What do you especially like about it? Were you surprised when you won? Did you expect the final price to be that low? You don’t need to hurry, since you have as many as 60 days to leave your comment! The sooner you do it, though, the sooner you will receive your free BIDs. Be creative and surprise us. Every published comment earns its author 200 BIDs!

Be careful when posting your comment. Once submitted, neither the picture nor the comment can be modified. For more information, please refer to the Comments Terms and Conditions.

Have you won a BID pack or a gift card? Unfortunately, you cannot leave a comment – but we encourage you to keep on bidding. Once you score that awesome TV or smartphone, be sure to submit a picture comment. Such moments of joy are certainly worth preserving.


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  1. This is so much FUN, it is my first go at this & I reckon I’m going to pull an all nighter to get some FAB bargins

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  2. Much fun in here, I would like try more.

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  3. Nice auction but I need some bid for something plz

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    • Check out our Price List. We have a special promo for new users!

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  4. so good and funny.

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  5. Hey very nice blog!

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