Auction win limits

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There are Auction win limits in effect on They have been instituted to make sure all our Users have equal chances of winning. The limits apply to both item Auctions and BID pack Auctions and ensure fair and equitable competition.

Aukcja-z-przedmiotemYou can win up to 5 item Auctions within any 30 day period, determined with hourly precision (720 hours). Gift Cards are also considered to be items. The 30-day  limit is calculated individually for each Auction, so you can stagger your wins or exhaust your quota in one day. Your bidding strategy is entirely up to you, just as long as you remember that, after  winning the fifth Auction, you will not be able to bid on more items until the limit is lifted (i.e. until 720 hours pass since the end of the first won Auction). In the meantime, you can still bid on BID  pack Auctions every day.

Aukcja-z-pakietem-BIDEvery day (every 24 hours), you can win 1 BID pack Auction. If you are participating in several Auction of this type at the same time, winning one will prevent you from bidding on others. You will be able to bid on BID pack Auctions again exactly 24 hours after your last win. Until then, you can still take part in item Auctions (as long as you have not reached the limit of 5 wins).


Opcja-Kup-TerazThe Auction win limit cannot be raised. The same limits apply to all Wellbid users. Only items purchased with “Buy It Now”  do not count towards the Auction win limit.


You can see your current limits after signing into the Site.


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