Autobid and Smart Autobid

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Autobid is a highly convenient and useful feature. What makes it popular? It bids for you even if you are not signed into the site. It saves you the need to keep track of Auction progress. It also comes in handy when bidding on several items simultaneously.

Autobid always bids after manual Bids have been placed, at the very end of the Time to Bid. In the final seconds, just before the clock reaches zero, the system suspends manual bidding and checks whether any Autobids are set for the given Auction. When the clock restarts, manual bidding resumes – until the time nearly runs out and the “Autobid phase” begins again.

If there are multiple Autobids set up for one Auction, they place their Bids in the order in which they were turned on or modified. The very top of the list (“Recent Bids”) will show the Autobid that was set/adjusted last. The illustration below shows that User “mzoli55” set or modified his/her Autobid more recently than User “kosa240”. The Auction will be won by the Autobid set last (assuming all are set for the same number of Bids) or programmed for the greatest number of Bids.


To set up Autobid, go to the Auction detail page and select the number of Bids you would like it to place. The number can be increased at will during the Auction. However, once set, Autobid cannot be turned off – you can only decrease the number of Bids to the minimum value, i.e. 5 Bids.

Autobid is set for the number of Bids, not the amount of BIDs. For instance, Autobid set to 50 Bids at an Auction at which one Bid costs 3 BIDs (“Bid x 3”) will require 150 BIDs to place all the Bids it was programmed for.


A smart option: Smart Autobid

Smart_fb2_p-300x300 Want to be fast and clever? Set up the special Smart Autobid, which activates when there is only one participant (the Current Winner) left in the Auction and all Bids (manual or with regular Autobid) have already been placed. Normally, such an Auction would end at that point; it continues because the System launches Smart Autobid (or multiple Smart Autobids, if  more than one has been set).

Smart Autobid can be turned off before it places the first Bid. Upon Activation, Smart Autobid turns into regular Autobid and continues to operate according to regular Autobid rules outlined above.

Turning on Smart Autobid carries an extra free in BIDs. The BIDs are deducted from your Account balance when Smart Autobid activates. For example, at a “Bid x 3” Auction with a 1 BID Smart Autobid fee, the first Bid will cost 4 BIDs and each subsequent Bid – 3 BIDs.


When can Autobid stop?

1. Autobid will stop after it has placed all the Bids it has been programmed for.

2. Autobid can still be set up if your Account balance is not sufficient to place all the programmed Bids – even if you have no BIDs at all. However, if you still do not have the necessary amount of BIDs in your Account when bidding begins, Autobid will temporarily suspend operation or not activate at all. Once you recharge your Account, and assuming the Auction has not ended in the meantime, Autobid will resume bidding using the newly purchased BIDs.

3. If, during an Auction, you reach your Auction win limit, Autobid will suspend bidding.
Example 1: You have won 4 item Auctions and have set up Autobids for several more. When you reach the limit of 5 won Auctions, all the remaining Autobids will suspend bidding until the quotas are cleared.
Example 2: You have set up Autobids at several BID pack Auctions. As soon as you win the first one – thereby reaching the daily BID pack win limit – all the remaining Autobids will suspend bidding.


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  1. im trying wellbid for first time . i just got 200 bid pack to start off as im new to this . hope to win , phone or laptop, . wish me luck!

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    • Good luck! We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you. 🙂

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  2. Hi, i am new and raring to go, but i cant seem to find any information on shipping costs. Can anyone help me please?

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    • Shipping cost are shown on every auction page–look under the “Bid” button.

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