Returnable BIDs and non-returnable BIDs

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BIDs allow you to bid on Auctions – manually or with Autobid – and buy brand-name items for pennies. Wellbid’s  internal currency is divided into returnable BIDS and non-returnable BIDs. Learn what the difference is between the two.

With every placed bid, BIDs are deducted from your Account.* The amount of BIDs necessary to place one bid is always displayed on the “Bid” button (e.g. “Bid x 3”). You can check your current Account balance after signing in. There are two types of BIDs:

Returnable BIDs, which can be:

bought in packs from the Price List
received in exchange for items won at Auctions

When bidding on Auctions, returnable BIDs are deducted from your Account first. As the name indicates, returnable BIDs can be reclaimed. All you need to do is make a “Buy It Now” purchase and pick the BID return option! Not only will you be able to buy the item right away, but you will also get your BIDs back!

bidek-300x225Non-returnable BIDs, which can be:

bought in packs at Auctions
received for posting comments to won Auctions
won in contests
earned for blog contributions
received forBuy It Nowpurchases

This type of BIDs is transferred directly to your Account or issued in the form of a recharge code that can be redeemed on the Price List page.

* BIDs are single-use only. Regardless of whether you win an Auction or not, the expended BIDs are not returned to your Account (“Buy It Now” purchases being the only exception). Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information about this topic.


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