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kup-teraz-1“Buy It Now” lets you purchase an auctioned item without bidding. And not only that – you can also get back the BIDs you have spent on the auction!

The option is available for selected auctions, marked with a shopping cart icon. You don’t have to participate in an auction to buy an item. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button and place your order. Items purchased with “Buy It Now” do not count towards your auction win limit.

You can use “Buy It Now” for 24 hours after the end of the auction (as long as it appears on the auction detail page). Doing so does not prevent you from bidding. The offer is open to all Wellbid users with fully activated accounts.

When placing a “Buy It Now” order, you can select between two options:


Option 1: BID return

You pay the full retail price of the item, as shown on the auction detail page (plus shipping and handling costs). BIDs will be returned to your account within 45 days. Successful completion of the transaction (item receipt confirmation) is required for the BID return to be processed. Your account will be credited with the amount of BIDs shown on the order placement screen.

Option 2: Price discount

You pay a discounted item price (plus shipping and handling costs). The price is lowered by the value of the returnable BIDs spent on the given auction.

Items are shipped within 14 days of order acceptance.


Fore more information, please refer to the “Buy It Now” Terms of Sale.

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  1. Can i bid on my Samsung

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    • Our mobile app supports devices running Android 4.4 and above. If your phone meets this requirement, you should be fine. 🙂

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  2. Bidding on a camera,,, am bidding against myself,,, when does the auction ACTUALLY END ???,,, feeling conned here

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    • Hi, it’s not possible to bid against yourself. The auction last as long as at leat 2 people are bidding on an item. The auction ends when there’s no more than one bidding within the time to the end of the auction.

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  3. Hi what sort of card can I use to buy bids as it tell me mine isn’t excepted it is a Westpac saving debit mastercard

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    • Please contact our Customer Service for assistance. The contact form is available on Thank you.

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