Buy on Wellbid and have fun!

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Entertainment shopping: buy and have fun!

kupuj-baw-1It’s not just what you buy but also how you buy that matters. An alternative to traditional online shopping, “entertainment shopping” combines the hunt for great products with fun and excitement.

With rock-bottom pricing and fierce competition at every Auction, Wellbid is guaranteed to deliver a surge of adrenaline. Since every bid costs a symbolic amount, the Winner is able to get the item for as much as 99% below retail! What’s more, bidding always starts at $0 and there is never a reserve price!

On Wellbid, it’s the buyer, not the seller, who determines the price.

We were inspired by the concept of traditional auctions, as known and practiced for centuries, where each bid must exceed the current high offer. Still, Wellbid is more than a time-honored approach to auctioning; it’s also an exhilarating, modern form of competition. Instead of the customary gavel strike, we utilize a timer counting down the time remaining until the end of the Auction.

kupuj-baw-2Unlike other auction sites, we only list brand-new items, covered by full manufacturer’s warranty. You don’t have to worry about long shipping times, either. All packages from Wellbid are delivered quickly by reputable carriers.

Outbid other Users, enjoy yourself, and get incredible products in a simple way!

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  1. Hi does Wellbid operate in Australia or is it just an American company

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    • Wellbid does operate in Australia — just be sure to register an account on our Australian site.

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    • Is this site valid for South Africa? What about transport costs?

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      • Residents of South Africa are welcome to join. The exact shipping costs are indicated on every individual auction page.

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    • Yes, Wellbid does serve New Zealand.

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  2. Do you include ROMANIA with wellbid? thanks!

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    • Yes, residents of Romania are welcome to join Wellbid.

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  3. Im extremely interested but it seems to good to be true,
    Their must be a catch
    How is it possible for you to basically give away brand new products
    I’d like some more information before I commit to anything

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    • Hi Zoe,
      Wellbid is a pay-to-bid site–you pay a small fee for every bid placed. This way, all auction participants share the cost of the auctioned item. The winner of the auction is then able to purchase the product at a very low price. If you need more information, have a look at our Help and FAQ pages or contact our Customer Service.

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  4. Hi There,
    Something I don’t understand.
    I have to buy bid’s to participate. Than , once I win an item, I have to pay for it. Is that correct?
    Than , why am I buying bid’s?

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    • Hi Jay,
      Wellbid is a pay-to-bid site, which means you pay a small fee (in BIDs) for every bid you place during an auction. Once you win, you still need to pay for the item. Keep in mind, though, that the total cost (BIDs + final price + shipping) is typically still far below the retail price of the item.
      Hope this clarifies things for you. Feel free to contact our Customer Service if you have any more questions.

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