Won an Auction? Congratulations!

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Congratulations on winning an Auction! Just pay for the item and enjoy your savings!

Every concluded Auction is verified for accuracy and compliance with the Terms and Conditions. After successful verification of the Auction, you will receive a message with payment instructions. From that point, you will have 7 days to complete the payment.

Sign in and go to MY ACCOUNT → Auctions → Won. Clicking the “Pay” button will take you to the payment method selection page. Transaction processing can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days. You will receive a notification in MY ACCOUNT → Messages when your payment is posted.

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Every won item can be exchanged for BIDs or PayPal credit. To initiate the exchange, click the “Pay” button next to the title of the won Auction. A special BID/PayPal credit exchange offer will be shown. At this point, you can still pay for the Auction and receive the item. If like our offer, click the “Exchange” button. BIDs will be automatically credited to your Account.

If you exchange the won item for BIDs/PayPal credit, you do not pay the final price or the shipping fees. Please keep in mind that, if you use the exchange option, you will not receive the won item and you will not be able to leave a comment. BIDs from the exchange will be transferred to your Returnable BID Pool.

All our products are brand new and have full manufacturer’s warranty.

wygrales-2Purchased items will be shipped within 14 days of payment confirmation. You will receive a shipping notification in MY ACCOUNT → Messages. The notification will include a tracking number and a link to the carrier’s website.

All items listed at our Auctions are brand new, covered by full manufacturer’s warranty, and come from authorized distributors.Leave a comment for a won item Auction to earn some free BIDs.

Important! Upon receipt of the shipment, always check the contents of the package in the presence of the carrier. If you receive a damaged or wrong item, please fill out a complaint form. A properly filled out complaint form is the only acceptable basis for your claim. The courier cannot refuse to accept the complaint. A copy of the electronic invoice form is required for all warranty claims. Invoices are available directly from our website for 30 days after the date of purchase. Go to MY ACCOUNT → “Won” to download your invoice in the .PDF format.

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  1. is this in $usd and can this be shipped to newzealand at what cost thankes kevin

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    • The price currency varies between the various regional sites operated by Wellbid. New Zealand in served by Wellbid International, with prices shown in US dollars. The shipping costs are calculated per item and are always displayed on the auction detail page.

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    • Yes, we do. Just make sure to register on Wellbid Europe. Thank you!

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  2. do you ship to South Africa

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  3. Please do you ship to Nigeria?

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  4. I won a 100 bid pack but it is not showing up in my account balance

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    • Please contact out Customer Service for assistance. Thank you!

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  5. Do you have to pay with card

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    • Available payment methods depend on your location, but, generally speaking, we always try to provide a few different options to choose from (payment card, PayPal, Skrill, online transfer, etc.).

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  6. Please do you ship to Ghana?

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  7. I am I am super excited to have found out about this site wellbid is one of the best and fast and legit auction sites I have ever been on. I will recommend this site to everyone I know . thanks a lot for creating it

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