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1. Order placement

1. 1. Orders may be placed by all Wellbid Users with fully activated Accounts.

1. 2. Order placement is not tantamount to its acceptance.

2. Payment

2. 1 . After placing an order (clicking the “Buy It Now” button), the User is redirected to the payment operator’s website. If the transaction is not successfully completed, the User may cancel the order by pressing the “Cancel” button displayed next to the Auction status. Transaction cancellation is tantamount to order cancellation (Auction status: “Pending”).

3. Order acceptance

3. 1 . Payment is confirmed when the transaction amount is posted to Wellbid’s bank account.

3. 2. An order is accepted when its status changes to “Shipped”.

3. 3. Wellbid reserves the right not to accept an order if the product is unavailable.

3. 4. Orders placed within the same Auction will be accepted in the order of payment confirmation date.

4. Shipping

4. 1. Items are shipped within 14 days of order acceptance.

4. 2. The User receives a shipping notification, including shipment details, via e-mail (Auction status: “Sent”).

5. Item receipt confirmation

5. 1. After receiving the item, the User must confirm that the transaction has been completed.

5. 2. Item receipt should be confirmed in MY ACCOUNT → Auctions → Buy it Now. An invoice for the purchased item (in the .PDF format) can be downloaded from the same location within 30 days of item receipt.

6. BID return

6. 1. Clicking on the “I confirm item receipt” button next to the name of the purchased item begins the return process for the BIDs expended at the Auction (assuming the User is entitled to claim BIDs).

6. 2. Only so-called “returnable BIDs,” i.e. BIDs that have been purchased or received in exchange for previously won items, are eligible for a return.

6. 3. The amount of BIDs to be returned is displayed on the order placement screen, and also shown in MY ACCOUNT → Auctions → Buy it Now, beneath the name of the purchased item (“Returnable BIDs”).

6. 4. BIDs are returned to the User’s Account within 45 days of the date of item receipt confirmation. The BIDs are credited to the non-returnable BID Pool.


7. 1. The User has the right to return an item within 14 days of delivery.

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