How to buy BIDs?

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In order to purchase on you need to have BIDs on your account. In order to buy BIDs, after logging in, please go to the ‘Price List’.You can purchase BIDs with your credit/debit card via various payment providers such as PayPal.

To buy BIDs, please select an option, enter your data and confirm it;then a payment method you have chosen and entered data will be displayed again, so please confirm it again(provided information cannot be altered);You will be redirected to the secure payment page so please follow the instructions there. Once we receive the confirmation of your payment, we will send you a confirmation email and your account will be credited with the purchased BIDs. Depending upon the type of payment method, it can take from a few minutes up to 14 days to confirm your payment. If you would like to buy BIDs, you need to select a BID pack from the Price List. In order to purchase BIDs, please go to the main page where you need to click on the BUY BIDs. BIDs are credited to your Account as soon as your payment is confirmed in the Service’s bank account. The successful verification of your payment takes between a few minutes and several days.

Before you start bidding at Auctions, please make sure that you have a sufficient amount of BIDs on your Account. Having a sufficient supply of BIDs on your Account is essential. Some banks or building societies cannot accept payments on 24h basis. So check it out ahead when your bank carries out transactions! The Service of doesn’t handle or manage our users’ payments details. For all questions and problems, please submit directly to a payment provider you have chosen.

Please keep in mind that a BID is not an investment and is non-refundable. A BID represents only the right to participate in an Auction. Whether you win the Auction or not, used BIDs are not returned to your Account! (the only exception is Buy It Now option)


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