The summer sale is now on!

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A unique offer will last for a week* Don’t miss it, just log in and buy the promo BID pack!

Such sheer madness! It never happened before! For the next seven days from 11th and 18th July 2014 we give a special opportunity to buy a substantial amount of BIDs at an incredibly low price! Score more BIDs and have a head start over other users! Do not miss this special offer! Buy the promo BID pack for a really small amount of money!


*During the summer sale each user can buy one BID pack per day. So take an advantage of this amazing offer and for seven days, everyday you can buy this BID pack!

Hurry up! – the bargain lasts exactly seven days! Log in! Top up Account and you’ll have a better chance to get prefect home appliances, perfume or toys at our Auctions! Depending on the country you are registered in, the promo pack is in different currencies: Euro, Dollar, Pound, Australian Dollar.


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