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Today we will tell you a bit more about the Auction limits. Both about the limits concerning the items and BID packs, as they are entirely different. So from the top, at you can get the items such as TV, tablets, smartphones, toys etc. and also Amazon Gift Cards, BID packs and Amazon Gift Cards+BIDs. We have mentioned 4 kinds of items you can win and there are only two types of limits set.

If there two types of limits and four types of items, we need to clarify something. Those 4 groups have to be divided into two. First group gives you a limit of five auctions per month, exactly 30 days and the second one is one auction per day. Let’s start from the latter, one user can win one BID pack per day, as simple as that. And item Auctions, Amazon Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards+BID pack you can win as many as 5 per 30 days. Limits are calculated on a rolling basis, taken from the most recent 24 hours or 30 days of your history(or 24 hours if it is a BID pack). As older wins drop off, you become eligible to bid again.

Win limits are used to keep one or a group of people from dominating a We limit the amount a person or user can win, inside a specified time frame. How will I know when I have reached my win limit? A pop-up window will appear after your win, notifying you that you’ve hit your limit.

So the question is why do we have win limits?

A matter of considerable controversy concerning Wellbid site are win limits, whether they are a positive aspect of a penny auction site or rather are unfair for the users therefore it is worth examining both points of view. Depending on a bidder’s goals those limits may differently perceived by win-hungry bidders and newbie users. Limits may be deterring the former as they generally get disappointed, even pushed away to other sites instead of waiting around for their limits to drop or try to open a new account that is strictly forbidden on our site. In this way, win limits favour newbie users and intermediate bidders by providing increased opportunities to try bidding in different kinds of auctions without the fear that a power player may knock them out of the auction early.

In order to be fair and square for both the Service has set win limits to protect the novice and at the same time we tried not to harm our regular users and set no so strict limits. Therefore we the limits cannot be changed in any way as we want to treat everyone equal as everyone can have a chance at


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