My Account has been blocked!

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By joining in to the Wellbid community you accept the rules and regulations of the Service. The rules has not been created to scare you off but keep the fakers and fraudsters away. So do not worry, if you follow the rules your safe and sound. But before that it is highly advisable to learn them as you might be unaware of breaching them.

Keep in mind that while signing in you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions. In practice, in means that you know them. Thus, remember that each major breach of the rules ends up in blocking your account and you cannot participate in auctions any more. That is why we have prepared today for you some most important tips that will help you to avoid those stressful moments. Today, we have enlisted situations you should avoid and what to do in the case that your account has been blocked. Just follow those rules and you will be safe and sound and the use of the Service will be exhilarating:

1. Only adults can become Users of, which means that only the person who is of age can become a User of the Service. Under no circumstances is registration of underage person possible. Even in the case when you sign in the day before your birthday, such a behaviour is strictly forbidden. If you register before you’re of a full age your account will be automatically blocked.

2. If the administrator of the Service learns that you have cheated and created more than one account, the same your accounts will be blocked consequently you will be unable to take part in auctions. As you have taken advantage of promotions the Service will undertake strict measures. In order to solve this issue you have to immediately close remaining accounts and leave only one. It is worth contacting with the Customer Service as they can give you advice what to do and explain you all the steps you have to take.

3. Keep in mind that in our Service if your relatives are using the Service and use the same computer may sign into the Service. You can have the same address and even bank account but you have to remember to enter your personal details from your ID card (driving license, passport etc.). Those accounts are called related accounts. So they are accounts of two or more Users with at least one element in common: residential address, shipping address, bank account/credit card used for payment for BIDs. Even though those accounts are allowed, there is one restriction those account cannot take part in the same auction. Otherwise, such a behaviour will be considered as bidding in collaboration.

4. If you are asked to upload copies of your documents and you will not do it within seven days from the moment you have won an auction your account will be blocked. Those documents are necessary for us to prove your identity. Moreover, if you do not comply, you will be unable to pay for the won item and receive it. Verification process is a standard procedure to save both you and us from fraudulent behaviour.

5. The lack of honesty may have dire consequences! If you used to be a user, and while registering for the second time you have marked that you are a newbie; moreover, you used more than once our promo offer and the same with the Debut Auction – it will bring you more harm than good, your account will be blocked. If you win on the new account some items your auctions will be automatically verified negatively!


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