How to complete the registration form?

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While signing in the Service of you have to complete the registration form. Keep in mind that the personal details you enter has to be real and the same as you have in your ID. Here we have explained what do you need to to enter. We decided to make it easier for you and more clear what info we require and where to enter it.

This is a rather small manual that will solve any doubts you may face. The correct registration is crucial and might influence your participation in the Service so be careful not to make a mistake! Box E-mail: in the New Media age it might sound very overrated. But there is a good reason why we pay so much attention to it!

First of all, here you enter the e-mail address. This e-mail address is allocated to your Account in the Service. To this e-mail we will send very important info such as the activation code. You can also use it when you forget your Username to log in to the Service. Moreover, if you want to exchange the won item into money, the e-mail address plays a key to successful transaction! Simply you need to have the same e-mail in the PayPal and in the Service of, otherwise you won’t be able to complete transaction. The last but the most important, the e-mail address cannot be changed in the Service. So choose wisely!

Box Password: it is really necessary to enter a unique, entirely different password that you use in other services. Passwords ensure the security and confidentiality of data that is stored on your Account. Some of this data includes names and addresses so please always keep your password safe. It is your responsibility as a User, to make sure that all your account passwords are as difficult to guess as possible. If you forget the password you may always use the password reminder available in the Service.

Box Username: think twice before you choose a Username, as it will be displayed while your bidding against others and also while you chat. Evidently from the psychological point of view, as it plays a paramount role in the game of “a trophy”. If the player has a scary, at least intimidating username, suggesting that one is an experienced bidder and is definitely going to use Autobids, or has a bulk of bids that is not afraid to use on an auction, so the rest of players gives up. However if the player has a login such as fluffy or something sweet those scary ones willingly fight with us (I mean those who have nice usernames). It is very important to choose wisely, as you will not be able to change it later.

Box Date of birth: Only persons who are of full age can created an account at The moment you have competed the form you will be asked to enter captcha to confirm the entered data.

While competing the registration form it is important that you entered your real details and that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions. It is advisable to read it, as it gives you the advantage and the knowledge about do’s and don’ts in the Service. Before you finish the registration you have to choose the check box whether you are a newbie or you used to have an account with us. It is really important not to lie here as signing in for the second time and you used to promo offer twice as well as you won Debut Auction twice you breach the Terms and Conditions. This will have an advers effect as you may lose everything.

After you finished the registration, you have to confirm your e-mail address. It is very important as you will get the activation code to your entered e-mail. What’s next? Then just log in and go to the price list and stock up with BIDs! Have a happy bargain hunting!



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