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Your friend is actively participating in auctions but he also writes posts for a blog, takes part in competitions and submits comments with won items. However, did you know that for being active he gets free BIDs!

You’ve been searching for adrenaline rush. The traditional way of shopping is becoming boring and you have a lack of trill in your life, so you decided to sign up to the Service of Even though you have no special strategies or any useful tips for others to share, but you are creative and have abundant imagination:)

You have learnt how the Service works and you have written down all your notes and observations. After sending your text to the Service and the blog editor liked it and posted it, you got the redeemable code.

You’ve made it! Your text was interesting and the editor liked it. To your e-mail address you’ve given during the registration will be sent a redeemable code with free BIDs. Keep in mind that you can get up to 500 BIDs and they are free.

Now you’re thinking what to do now? Where to enter it? How to use it?

This is our manual that will help you – so as to use the code, you need to have a fully activated Account, which means that you should have bought at least one BID pack, available in our Price List. If your account is fully activated, after logging in, go to the Price List, and below the offers, at the bottom of the page you will see a yellow button Click here that will take you to the page where you can redeem your code. Please note that our promotional gift code is valid for 28 days.

Your account will be credited with BIDs automatically and from now on you can bid more on auctions and win amazing stuff you always wanted. What are you waiting for write your story about Wellbid and get FREE BIDs.


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