Interesting features of Samsung Galaxy S5

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A modern flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with many useful features to help you use the unit. Here are the 7 most interesting of them. 

1. Tilt horizontally to find similar songs Turn your smartphone horizontally, and while listening to a particular song, you can find another of the same genre. The integrated music player in the Galaxy S5 provides access to a list of recommended tracks, containing similar tracks that were selected on the basis of the music stored on the device. The more tracks that have been stored in the phone memory, the better the tips are that you receive.

2. Virtual tour and photos, and more – shooting modes There are several shooting modes offered by the Galaxy S5. Some modes in particular that are worth mentioning are: Virtual Tour Shot (virtual tour) – allows you to perform a series of shots which will compile the basis from which the S5 will automatically create a presentation for exploring a photographed location to create a moving image. “Shot & More” gives you the ability to edit images and enrich them with effects immediately after taking them.

3. Hide confidential contents (private mode) Do you want to reduce the amount of unwanted people accessing your data, such as movies, music, pictures, etc? Turn on Private mode in the Settings menu and select the method to unlock hidden content. If you want to protect the file, simply select Move to Private Menu. This will ensure that a padlock icon appears next to the selected file. If you forget your unlock code to your private content, you will need to restore the original settings of the phone.

4. Display for more information about our callers From the menu, select Settings → Connectivity → Display information about the caller, and get information about who you are talking to or start a conversation, a list of recent caller activities and access to archived calls and messages with Google+ social network.

5. A set of the most commonly used applications in the Toolbox Quick access to your favorite applications is provided by the Toolbox. If you want to activate this function, expand the notification bar (top of the screen), select the Toolbox icon or go to the Settings menu and locate the Toolbox, you can access the white circle icon with three dots. Hold your finger there, then select Edit and go to the screen where you can select available applications in the Toolbox.

6. Caller Broadcasting priority – this area is designated for people whom you often correspondent with. Mark those with the most SMS correspondence and make them a Broadcasting Priority. Their icons will appear in the upper portion of the application to send SMS messages. When you tap one of the icons of priority senders receive or send a message to someone. If you want to add contacts from your Inbox or your Buddy List to the list of priority senders, run the application to send SMS messages and tap “+”. You can define up to 25 priority senders.

7. Using another application during a call? You are notified of an incoming call. If you receive an incoming call when the application you are using has not been suspended, instead of receiving a call, a notification screen appears. Go to the Settings menu, and then select Connections and then to Pop-up notification calls. Tap the speaker icon located in the middle of the notification, when you want to start a conversation, without interrupting your current activity. This function informs you of incoming calls, it allows you to talk without exiting the application.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone also has many other attractive features, including a modern camera with high resolution, resistance to dust and water (IP67 standard), fingerprint reader and pre-installed pulse sensor. This fantastic device is available at auctions on Do not hesitate, go and WIN!

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