Who can register in the Service?

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A teenager learned from his friend that there is a website where you can get new phones, cameras along with many other attractive products for just a few cents.

After being notified it encouraged him to visit Wellbid.com and this kindled the imagination of the boy to search for many products he’s always desired. He decided to take part in the auction. Unfortunately we have bad news for any high school and Jr. high students who wish to bid on items.

Accounts on wellbid.com can ONLY be set up by an adult! Possession of an ID certifying that you are of legal age is a specified condition that must be met when registering on the Website.

Because of his failure to comply with this requirement, the teenager decided to take a chance and break the rules by registering anyway. He also managed to bid on a very attractive item! However, he was only met by disappointment and the joy of apparent victory was very short-lived.  After an Auction, verification is done. Verification is processed with a copy of a legal identification document in order to prove the authenticity of a user. A User’s profile is based on that identity document. If during this process, it turns out that the user is not an adult in accordance with with the law, the Account of the User will be immediately blocked.  As a result, the coveted item along with the accumulated bids will be forever lost. A severe punishment for a crime, right?

Dear teenagers, If you are short a few years or even months from adulthood, please don’t do anything illegal in order to register because your actions will not end up in positive results, but instead will only end in disappointment.    We invite you to participate in all of our fantastic Auctions, but only after you reach legal age. After we receive an ID card confirming that you an adult, you’ll soon be able to join us and bid on some of the amazing items that we offer! 🙂


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  1. do you deliver to australia?

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    • Yes, we do. Please register on Wellbid Australia to ensure the payment and shipping options are appropriate to your location.

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  2. Can I participate from Bangladesh?

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    • Yes, Wellbid is open to the residents of Bangladesh.

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