Only today! The birthday pack of 5000 BIDs!

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Yes! It’s the day of celebrating birthday of the Service of We’ve been with you for 6 years! During this time we have provided you extreme excitement and have been helping you to make your dreams come true. Each won Auction is a success and joy, both yours and the Service of

We are extremely grateful that you’ve been with us during that time and we hope that you’ll stay with us till the end of world and a day longer! For our birthday, 13th October – we have prepared for you a fantastic deal! You have an opportunity to get 6 amazing BID packs of 5000 BIDs each at Auctions!

What is more important those amazing BID packs don’t count into the limits of won Auctions! For all Users of the Service, who take part in Auctions from EU countries, we would like to give an important information that the value of one pack of 5000 BIDs is €175.00, while those by clicking on the in the UK – certainly those will be pleased to hear that this birthday pack is worth £171.88! Our friends in US we encourage to bid on a BID pack of 5000 BIDs worth $169.17! This offer is also a treat for bidders in Australia and Singapore – one pack is worth, respectively 167.83 Australian dollars and for Singapore $165.66.

Stay with us today and don’t miss out this unbelievable birthday deal! This is an amazing chance to score not a one pack but all 6 of them! Lets celebrate together with!

… and we are blowing 6 candles from a b-day cake:)


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