Wellbid.com at Wales Rally GB!

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The biggest International Rally Event permanently has entered the calendar of events in which you can see our name wellbid.com. Therefore, you cannot miss out a Rally Event held in the UK from 13th to 16th November.

This is the final round of the World Rally Championship 2014 where the best drivers of the world compete for the title and glory. They’ll be racing through North Wales on paved, dirt or gravel roads or trails full of treacherous mud ditches and debris. Wales Rally GB is always a thrilling spectacle and typically blessed with unpredictable weather and muddy and slippery conditions that epitomise the sport for petrolheads. This is what we love about it.hug_ber_drivers

Taking place in Cardiff, Wales Rally GB is the 13th round of the 42nd season of FIA WRC, which has been established in early 70’s of the last century. During the final round of the epic motorsport adventure, racers will be driving in the distance of 308km with 23 special stages.

During this international forthcoming event, wellbid.com will sponsor two talented drivers from Portugal in the WRC2 category, Bernardo Sousa and Hugo Magalhães.

We are not only packed up and ready to cheer on, but also we have prepared exciting event for those we are hungry for more!

While racers will attempt to complete the stages in the shortest time, we will be in the service park in our fanzone and holding a live Auction!

For all those hungry for excitement we give an incredible occasion to get amazing prizes – big flat screen TV, Playstation… or wicked rally gadgets that will amaze everyone!

We have also prepared a special surprise that motorsport lovers will definitely enjoy. You will enjoy playing racing games on xBox with a real bucket seat steering wheel and shifter. Now you will beable to try out your skills!

The live Auction will be held during the Wales Rally GB on 15th November 2014. All WRC fans are invited to cheer on the racers and take part in our Auctions! Don’t miss out bargains and experience exciting adventure with wellbid.com!


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