Autobid revolution

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Here at we know, that Autobid is one of your favourite tools. It’s actually hard to find an auction without at least one Autobid set on it. With this in mind we are introducing a revolutionary change – the new minimum bid requirement to set an Autobid.

automatMUntil now, to set an Autobid up, you had to set 45 as a minimum number of bids for item auction and Bid pack auction – at 15 bids. Therefore it was very hard to foresee your competitors’ next move. Pure guesswork it was, not any serious tactical planning.

Forget about bid counting! From now on, you can set any Autobid at minimum of 5 bids, at all auctions. Thanks to this you have far better control of an auction. How many times have you changed your mind after your Autobid was already up and running? You don’t have to wait for several bids, to start bidding manually. After all, every BID is worth it’s weight in gold. It also gives you the opportunity to change your tactics more often, so you can deceive your opponents more easily.

What are you waiting for? Set your Autobids now!

Author: wellbid

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