Christmas gifts for my grandchildren

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I’ve learnt form TV commercials about Despite some doubts about, this service turn out to be amazing. The service helped me to solve the problem I struggle with each year. Namely Christmas gifts for my loved ones.

05122014-3-MFAt first I was skeptical about the idea to participate in auctions. It was different for my daughter, who said with undisguised satisfaction that she decided to set up an account and try her luck. I do not know how long it took before I started bidding on auctions, but first I gained a knowledge about the service of However, I still firmly believed that I will lose more than gain. I was wrong that winning here is a pipe dream. The winnings at several auctions of my daughter confirmed that you can get the expensive and valuable items at jaw-dropping prices. I started to feel the thrill and my daughter’s enthusiasm.

The main argument that convinced me was the fact that the Christmas is coming and I have to face the difficulty of buying gifts for all little ones in my family. As soon as the daughter showed me a tab with toys, I was convinced. With the invaluable assistance of my daughter I created an account and got a short “training” with her. Then I bought the cheapest pack of BIDs.

I decided to start my wits with debut auction. When I placed my first bid I was so excited and a bit anxious but after a while I didn’t think about it and I was on a cloud nine as I won my first auction. This way, I slowly was immersed by wellbid and its auctions. The time passed, I’ve been watching auctions, especially those with items for kids where I found my first target.

Grafika_do_artykulu_na_BLOG_PL_p(1)It was an ideal present for my granddaughter, recently fascinated by Frozen animated movie – Princess Anna doll. It was my first real challenge and I made it! After the auction has ended, I was so proud of my self. The bidding finished at just $0.15 plus shipping fee. I was glad because I paid around $20 for the whole thing. In my humble opinion, It’s quite an achievement, considering that the doll costs at the store around $50.

It was a very good start and I’m not going to stop. After all, I still have to win presents for my grandsons. Thank you and cheers!

Author: wellbid

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