LEGO – wonderful childhood memories

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LEGO – an extremely popular line of a construction bricks, manufactured in Denmark. It’s name comes from “Leg godt”, which stands for “play well”. Lego popularity by far surpassed that of creators expectations.

Auctioned for few pennies, a pound or two, LEGO set, which is worth much more, a bargain for grabs.

The first batch of plastic construction bricks was manufactured in 1949 and 9 years later the method of binding them together was patented. It took few years to streamline the production process with newer and more refine sets hitting the market, which quickly was and still is, a common sight on a toyshops’ shelves. You usually have to pay a premium price for a single box, but their main hallmark is the fact that they fit together, no matter what set they are part of. Thanks to this feature, our children can tap into their imagination and create bigger castles, cars and even whole dioramas, without any instructions or hints from manufacturer.

10122014-MFI still have a childhood memories of expositions and huge LEGO constructions bearing different shapes, with funny little figures and other amazing elements. I can still feel the warmth on my cheeks, as I recall beating new record in building the longest LEGO millipede.

I remember it clearly as it was today, that it was so important undertaking back then, that our regular school activities had been suspended, so everybody could take part in putting together the gigantic sized millipede.

It was a beautiful time and most importantly it still lasts. LEGO is an object of desire for every kid out there. It’s a wonderful timeless experience, that helps to develop child’s imagination and it’s manual capabilities. I have three godchildren myself and Ido realize what challenge, choosing Christmas or birthday presents is, very well. came forth our needs – parents, grandparents and everybody alike with children. Auctioned for few pennies, a pound or two, LEGO set, which is worth much more, a bargain for grabs. This way you can treat your beloved with new set, each and every time You see them.

LEGO will steal every little one’s heart, no matter the age. LEGO is also great opportunity for parents and children to come together and have some fun. After all, is there anyone out there, who doesn’t like to play with LEGO?

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