Bidding on route

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As I work as a driver, being constantly on the road, I don’t have too many occasions to follow auctions on As opportunity comes, first thing I do is to try my luck in getting things I always wanted. Bidding form every corner of Europe has it’s charm and victory definitely tastes better than at home.

12122014-MFI am a truck driver, so I spend most of the time away from home, constantly cut off from the TV and the Internet, I wander through the whole world. It’s very tiring job, thats why the sleep somewhere in a car park, is so important. During stops in my journey, as soon as I have the Internet access, I spend my time bidding and observing auctions. Four months have passed that I am with Wellbid, but I will never forget my first victory. And let me just say why.

After coming back home from a long tour, all I dreamt about was a nap on my very own couch. I have turned the TV on and accidentally stumbled on an interesting advert. I decided to have a look, and as it came out later, it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. I have set up an account, bought a pack of BIDs and gave it a try. It’s always difficult at the beginning, my first attempts of winning something were a failure and in a very short time I had all my BIDs disappear from my account.

And so, a short holiday week had passed and I had to get back behind the wheel. After 24 hours I got to Paris. While waiting for the loading, I had the opportunity to try my wits at auctions. It was just a weekend, so I had two days to rest. So the hours were passing and again nothing I didn’t win anything. Resigned after lost auction, I decided that it’s time to give up, as maybe it’s not for me. I thought maybe that I had no luck. Then something unexpected happened! The first won item and at the same time in such a beautiful place. Holding a laptop on my laps I was savoring the victory, I was watching the spectacular Eiffel Tower. This opportunity does not happen to many people. This evening I felt wonderful, but won only an Amazon Gift Card+ 200 BIDs. Despite the fact I won a small thong, I was very happy. From then on I was winning more auction and my streak of luck began and I was winning in the most beautiful places. The charming Vienna or Milan. Double dream come true!

As you can see, working as a truck driver can have it advantages – you can bid, with the satisfaction, that I spend my time in distant places of Europe or the world. You can feel as a conqueror, conquering new lands. I encourage all my colleagues truck drivers, to have a peek at and feel the same emotions, which I have experienced. You have to try it for yourself!

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