Smart Autobid for the sharp and smart!

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Need a break? Got no time for manual bidding? Don’t want to analyze the bidding process? Not sure when to join in the Auction? We have a great solution for you – set up Smart Autobid. See for yourself how the new, intelligent Autobid works.

Smart_fb2_pYou don’t need to predict your opponents’ next move any more – Smart Autobid will do it for you. It is very intelligent indeed, as it will only activate when there is just one bidder left in the Auction. That’s the person who would otherwise win the Auction… were it not for you and your Smart Autobid. Set it up and provide extra thrill for yourself and your rivals! Isn’t that smart?

How does Smart Autobid work, exactly?

1. You can set up Smart Autobid at any point in the Auction. You can turn it off as long as it hasn’t made any bids.

2. Smart Autobid does not activate immediately, but waits for the right moment. It won’t begin bidding until there’s just one person left in the Auction.

3. After the first bid, Smart Autobid transforms to Simple Autobid and continues bidding as programed.

Setting up Smart Autobid is the perfect way to outsmart your rivals. The opportunity to beat the competition will not cost you much, and the satisfaction is priceless.

Go on, then. Be smart! Set up Smart Autobid and easily improve your odds of winning!

See how Smart Autobid works.

Read about Autobid in the Help files

Author: wellbid

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  1. How does one set up auto bid and smart auto bid?

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    • At our Auctions you can bid either manually or Autobid feature. The Autobid will bid on your behalf even if you are away from your browser. You can set an Autobid on each Auction page.

      For more info please click on the link: “It’s easy, isn’t it!” just above the button Autobid settings or head over to FAQ → Autobids.

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    • Looks pretty cool

      I’ll enable that

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