Earning free BIDs

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Would you like some extra BIDs, and at no cost at all? It’s simple—just use the available options to replenish your account balance for free. You could get free BIDs by commenting on the won item auctions, writing blog posts, and participating in contests. Don’t delay—free BIDs are waiting!

09012015_MFThere is nothing more exciting for a bidder than an auction won. Why not share the joy with other wellbid.com users? Add a comment to the item auction you have won. Take a pic of yourself with your new smartphone, posh perfume, or snazzy urban bike. Strike a pose by the espresso machine or show the family enjoying the new games console. Feeling shy? Not a problem—just send in a snapshot of the item itself. And don’t forget to write a few words about your prize. Not only will you get to share your victory, but you will also receive a redeemable code worth 200 BIDs!

Another excellent way of earning free BIDs is by contributing posts to our official blog. You could share your emotions or thoughts about the bidding process. Have you noticed anything unusual as the auction went on? Anything that surprised you or made you laugh? Do you have any suggestions regarding the Autobid tool or other site features? Or perhaps you would like to tell us about your bidding strategies? Writing posts really pays off. Every published contribution is rewarded and you could earn as much as 500 BIDs! Remember, every auction story and every strategy are worth sharing.

Entering contests is a lot of fun and a great accompaniment to the thrill of the auctions. Follow us on Facebook, visit the official blog, and look for contest announcements under the News tab. Participation costs nothing, and there’s a lot to be gained: not just free BIDs, but also other valuable prizes. Just like auctions, contests provide plenty of excitement. And you can never have enough of that, right?

Every BID is worth a king’s ransom. Therefore, you should never miss a chance to top up your account for free. Add comments, write posts, enter contests and enjoy your bonus codes. Free BIDs await, but you have to take the first step.

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  1. What a great site. Sign up is simple and prices are very attractive. Off to buy some BIDS!

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  2. Great fun enjoying this

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  3. Wow! I buy my first iPod. I am enjoying this.

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  4. is it realy work? i bouth enouth bid’s but i still not won anything

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    • Don’t give up! We hold hundreds of auctions every day, and every single one is won by a user just like you. We suggest you take a look at some of the advice posted to our blog – it will help you create a good bidding strategy.

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    • I was the same but you can win its all about watching the bids and how many people bidding at the same time. Autobid is meant to be the best way? I hope you win soon

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  5. I have enjoyed joining wellbid and will continue to us it. I can’t wait to win my first item hopefully soon. Happy bidding people and hopefully you win too.

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