How to succeed at auctions

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Every user beginning their adventure dreams of great triumphs. I’m sure many of you are curious to know how to pick auctions that are worth bidding on. I’ll be happy to share some pointers on this topic.

10012015_MFFirst of all: scan the main page. It shows several auctions in which bids are already being placed, as well as some that are apparently counting down without any bidders. I don’t recommend choosing the latter, as they are sure to draw any and every person visiting the main page. It may be worthwhile to click the “More” button instead and look for auctions that haven’t attracted anyone’s attention yet.

Second: take a look at the “Statistics” tab. You can use the available data to do some math and figure out whether you are sufficiently prepared and have enough BIDs at your disposal. Check out the finished auctions tab for the given item, too. Some of the information overlaps with what’s available under “Statistics,” but you will also be able see the auction start and end times. This will help you get ready and give you a better sense of when best to bid for that particular product.

Third: see what other auctions begin around the same time the one you have your eye on does, and how much it costs to bid on them. Three BIDx3 auctions starting one after another will have a more even user distribution than three auctions with differing bidding costs.

Fourth: note how many users are participating in the 100-BID pack auctions. A lot of activity may be an indication of a peak time at the site. This is not a sure-fire gauge, but it does occasionally help.

Fifth, and most important: do not get too excited. Try to stay calm. Haste is a lousy advisor and may result in poor decisions. If you feel aggravated, step away and take a short break.

Finally, sixth: do not despair if victory sometimes eludes you. It happens even to the best of us. Don’t abandon hope, your luck is bound to turn!

And a bonus, seventh tip: visit every day and don’t let anything surprise you. About 75% of my time on the site is spent searching and analyzing, and only (or, perhaps, as much as) 25% goes towards actual bidding. It may not be a bad idea to maintain this kind of proportion.

I hope my advice proves useful and I wish you best of luck.

Author: wellbid

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