Bidding: manual or automatic?

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There are as many bidding strategies as there are bidders. Some bid manually, others immediately set up Autobid. Others yet combine both approaches, starting with manual bids and then activating Autobid (or the other way around). The big question is, how to bid so as to win?

16.01.2015_MFManual bidding gives you complete control over the BIDs deducted form your account. You alone decide when to press the “Bid” button. You could, for instance, take a break to have a closer look at your rivals’ moves. Who knows, you might even figure out some of their strategies. Such knowledge could make all the difference in the bidding race. Imagine your opponents’ surprise when, after a longer while, you suddenly return to the auction. That would be quite a comeback, wouldn’t it? It’s a great plan—so long as you can stay alert. After all, the auction may end sooner than expected, depriving you of your shot at a glorious return. In this scenario, concentration is key.

What are the advantages of Autobid? It comes in handy when you’re bidding on several items at once or simply don’t have the time to continuously monitor an auction. Autobid is like your own personal assistant—it does all the dirty work for you, placing bids even after logout. You don’t have to stay glued to your computer; in fact, during late-night auctions, you could even be sound asleep.

You can also boost your chances of success by setting up Smart Autobid. This intelligent Autobid tool does not start to place bids until there is just a single participant left in the auction. This way, you no longer have to worry about your opponents’ BID reserve or their Autobid settings.

The canny (and the undecided) use various combinations of both strategies during the same auction. They might, for example, open with a few manual bids and then activate their Autobid. Switching between the two bidding methods is useful when you want to confuse your rivals. The opponents will surely be disoriented if you keep changing your tactics. “What is he up to?” “Why is he going back to Autobid?” “Just how many BIDs does he have left?” “Has he managed to refill his account along the way?”—these are just some of the questions that pop up in every bidder’s mind. And that’s what the auction spirit is all about!

Manual or automatic? Maybe a little combo? Everything depends on the circumstances. The most important thing is not to bid aimlessly and always make sure to adjust your strategy to fit the situation. That is the best way to victory. The prize is at your fingertips—but you have to play it smart.

So, what’s your bidding strategy? Would you be willing to let us in on some of your secrets?

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