Auctions present and past, or the short history of auctions

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“Going once, going twice… sold!” this sentence plays an integral part of each auction. Auctions from exclusive Auctions House have been introduced on-line where each day there are people competing over valuable items. Modern auction services like are the effect of the contemporary needs and unusual way of shopping which a few years ago was unavailable to many. How did it happen that they are so popular now? When did it all start?

post_marketing_MF3People all around the world fell in love with bidding because at auctions you can get everything from works of art, electronics and clothes to garage knick-knacks. The auctions have become an option to acquire exceptional items at rock bottom prices. Bidding is not just entertainment for millionaires, now everyone can enjoy the thrill and bid. In addition, auctions are often held for a charity and support important community initiatives.

Who will give more for a wife, or ancient auctions

post_marketing_MF2To know the origin of the auction, we should travel back to about 500 B.C. As Herodotus wrote, in Babylon at that time, women were auctioned off as wives. And, in fact, at auctions men could find a wife. In ancient Greece, slaves were traded at auction and in Rome there were organised special auctions with the trophies from won battles. Most likely from the Roman term – subhastarium meaning ” under the spear” derives the term “go under the gavel. ” The power of the auction recognised also Caligula as he set regular meetings with auctions, where you could buy valuable things at a low price. This was the beginning of today’s auction.

Buy for a dollar, or the auctions before launching

post_marketing_MF1Before there were strikes of a gavel, it was in 1677 the auctions were finalised in entirely different manner. In China people were finalising an auction with a handshake. People, interested in purchasing, lined up around the seller. After exchanging handshakes the price was increased by using fingers. And hands were covered with a shawl, so as not to give away the opponents’s offer.
In seventeenth-century in England the duration of the auction was measured with a candle. People could raise the price until the candle burned out.
Another type of auction appeared in 1932 in the United States. The bank wanted to get rich by selling at auction the land and goods of a bankrupt farmer. However, his property was auctioned for a few pence because other bidders were refrained by force of impoverished farmers. And so this way the penny auctions were invented.

Bid and enjoy yourself, or entertainment shopping

post_marketing_MF4The popularity of online auctions grows all the time. Recent years showed that the most popular form of shopping are online auctions than a regular online shopping. The wide range of items and the excitement which give auctions are encouraging more and more lovers of such a form of entertainment. Charity auctions are also extremely popular which the proceeds go to those in need. And as it turned out – we love bidding, the same way as we love buying. At special auctions you can bid on a date with a popular celebrity, the kiss with a beautiful actress, also the evening gown of a celebrity and even underwear of a teen idol. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Today auctions fit into the canon of inexpensive shopping. This is particularly true about penny auctions which create a completely different form of purchases – purchases and at the same time fun. Because it is not easy to buy, but to buy and have a lot of fun at the same time. And when we have also additional the savings – we become happy. Nothing cheers up more than a favourite perfume or a modern SLR bought for ten cents.

A place where such situations happen daily is the service of Unusual portal since 2008 introduces the principle of entertainment shopping, or shopping with fun. has conducted nearly one million auctions and the ranks of satisfied users keep growing.


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