What if wellbid.com had been around in the 10th century?

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The question is as surprising as it is interesting. Imagine you have a time machine and can travel several centuries into the past. What would life have been like, if wellbid.com had existed in the 10th century?

04.02.2015_MF2In 901, the just crowned emperor Louis III decides to pay wages in BIDs, to his subjects’ great contentment.

In 902, emir Ibrahim II of Ifriqiya takes Taormina, the last Byzantine stronghold in Sicily, in no time at all, thanks to a GPS unit procured at wellbid.com.

In 951, Otto I gives his wife Adelaide a wedding gift of a hair styling set won at an auction.

In 955, the newly elected 18-year-old Pope John XII uses his brand-new smartphone to take a selfie with the faithful.

In 963, the new monastery on Mount Athos has its floors cleaned with a steam cleaner acquired at wellbid.com.

In 970, the viking explorer Ari Marsson sails from Iceland to Greenland, and passes time en route playing Assassin’s Creed Unity on the PlayStation 4, traveling a few centuries into the future. 😉

In 984, the students of the medical school in Salerno learn about the benefits of a massage seat cover, available from wellbid.com.

In 1000, gunpowder is created in China. As a reward, its inventor receives a bike won at an auction, effectively becoming the first cyclist ever. Over the next several hundred years, millions of Chinese follow his example, making the bicycle a popular mode of transportation.

The lives of the people of the 10th century would have been much more interesting. There’s just one problem, though—they would have also needed electricity and the Internet. Oh, well. You can always imagine “what if…” 😉

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