Fairytale wedding

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My fiancé and I got married recently. Organizing a wedding ceremony and party is a very pricey affair. Among all the things that needed to be taken care of, there was the matter of locating a photographer who would preserve the most important moments of our life in a thoughtful and tasteful way. Unexpected help arrived from my uncle and… wellbid.com!

11.02.2015_MFFinding a good photographer at a reasonable price turned out to be quite a challenge. With full coverage of the ceremony and the party, as well as a short outdoor session on the wedding day, the total already went into hundreds. Add an album, a photo CD, and processing costs… The price was rising fast.

We’d lost all hope we’d be able to find, in time, someone who would meet our expectations and not break the bank. Pressed for options, I even considered my uncle, a skilled amateur photographer with extensive knowledge of both theory and practice. He had documented every family event but, unfortunately, did not have the kind of equipment suitable for an occasion of such importance.

To our surprise, my uncle contacted us first, if only to show off his latest acquisition—a state-of-the-art camera he had won at wellbid.com. He’d also managed to snag a high-quality lens capable of capturing every detail at any distance, a high-capacity memory card, large enough for hundreds of images, as well as a flash, for vivid pictures at low light.

It didn’t take my uncle long to familiarize himself with the new camera. He consulted specialist literature, did some trial runs at a couple of family functions, and decided… to start a business, thus realizing his greatest dream.

The two of us were my uncle’s first clients. I trusted him completely. I was familiar with his “portfolio” and knew he will rise to the challenge. I wasn’t wrong. The photos wowed everyone. They captured our and our guests’s emotions perfectly, preserving the tender moments forever…

I can safely say wellbid.com saved our wedding :). Thanks to the fantastic gear won for very little money, my uncle was able to record this special time in our life. A keepsake you can’t put a price on!

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