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Every day, more and more pages luring users with enticing offers appear on the world wide web. Online stores and auction sites attract an ever growing number of people interested not only in shopping, but also in pleasantly passing some time in front of the computer.

Wellbid, one of the leaders and co-creators of the “entertainment shopping” segment, is certainly one such place. It’s an exceptional, unique site, trusted by millions of satisfied users.

smallPick the right address

Don’t believe the friend who claims he bid at our site but signed in at a completely different address. These days, more and more auction sites attempt to get ahead by capitalizing on our reputation and popularity. Some of those sites may not be properly secured. At, all connections are encrypted, so you can feel completely safe.

Remember! Our site operates all around the world under the brand name Wellbid.
Clicking on, you are 100% sure to be taken to the right place!

Use your own computer

Always use your own computer to sign it to Wellbid and make sure your anti-virus software is up to date.

Do not bid at an internet café or a library! Never use public computers to send in your documents (required for the verification of your account) or to make payments for auctions! General access areas, frequented by large numbers of people, leave you vulnerable to password or credit card number theft. Exercise caution!

Do not make your login information available to anyone, even your closest relatives. This way, you can be certain no one else uses your Wellbid account.

Know the Terms and Conditions

Before registering, make sure to thoroughly review Wellbid’s Terms and Conditions. This will help you understand the site, your rights and privileges, as well as the rules all users are required to follow.

Questions? Contact us!

Wellbid Customer Service will answer all your questions. You can reach us using the contact form.

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