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A friend told you recently he’d come across an auction site remarkably similar to Wellbid and suggested that it might be another Wellbid owned and operated page. That’s not possible! We are one of a kind! What to do to avoid such errors?

16.02.2015_MF_4First of all: address and logo!

The site operates exclusively under the name No other address, no matter how similar, leads to us! So, if you ever find yourself on a similar-looking website with a different name, you are at the wrong place. You can always recognize Wellbid by the characteristic green logo and professional-quality page design.

A tried-and-true brand

Registering at other auction sites, you may have doubts about their legitimacy. Will you actually receive the item you have won and paid for? Will it really be as pictured on the auction page? We offer you complete certainty. An established and trusted brand, we’ve been operating on the global market for over 6 years and have nearly one million completed auctions to show for it.

Intellectual property

Have you visited some other auction site and noticed content similar or even identical to that published on our page? Be cautious. Remember that our Terms and Conditions, Help, and Frequently Asked Questions have been authored by our team. The same goes for our blog entries. If you come across a text previously published on anywhere else, it means someone has used our content without permission. Let us know immediately!

Quick access to Customer Service

Have a question? Contact our Customer Service. You will receive a comprehensive response as soon as possible and, most importantly, will never be misled.

Remember, there are many sites that let you buy products for pennies, but only one of them is exceptional! Do not be fooled by lookalikes. Bet on a tried-and-true brand: Wellbid.

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