How to start bidding?

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Just registered and wondering which Auction to join? Don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. Scores of new users join Wellbid every day. Here are some pointers to make your first steps on the site a little easier.

13.03.2015_MF1. The main page offers a wide selection of items. Our Auctions feature a few hundred different products, as well as several types of BID packs. Have a look at the ongoing Auctions, check out the various product categories, and you will soon find something interesting.

2. Don’t know how to start bidding? Look to our blog for practical advice and answers to frequently asked questions. Very useful information, which will help you better understand the bidding process, can be found in the Help pages. We especially recommend the entry “How to win an Auction” and other posts by the Wellbid team, as well as User posts describing the different bidding tactics.

3. Ready to bid? Top up your Account first. You can choose from a variety of BID packs. Are you wondering how many BIDs to get? It’s entirely up to you. For starters, you could buy the smallest pack of 200 BIDs; however, we recommend the promo pack at a discounted price. Don’t forget, though, that in addition to BIDs you also need an effective strategy. Before joining your first Auction, consider what time of day will work best for you. Will you bid manually or with Autobid? Come up with a game plan, cover all your bases, and be better prepared than your rivals!

4. Can’t find anything you like at Debut Auctions? Keep in mind that every item won on Wellbid can be sent as a gift or exchanged for BIDs. Extra BIDs will surely come in handy at future Auctions.

Starting your adventure with Wellbid is not hard at all. Follow these simple pointers and have fun bidding!

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