Auction finished!

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Every Auction participants hopes to see the “Finished” sign as soon as possible – with their username underneath, naturally. I’d love to win all the time, too. But, it does not always happen, and the end of the Auction often comes as a surprise.

Strategy: set up Autobid for just a few bids.

A little bit of patience

Strategy: wait. Hold out long enough for Autobids activate and burn through some bids. Just as I’m ready to join in… FINISHED! Sigh…

Just gonna get some water

Strategy: set up Autobid for just a few bids. Hopefully, no one else had the same idea. My Autobid hasn’t activated yet, so I head to the kitchen to get some water. I’m only away for a moment. I get back and what do I see? FINISHED! Hrmph.

Away for a longer while

Strategy: set up Autobid for a large number of bids, so that I’m covered for some time. Also, to show other users I will not go down easy. By the time I return several minutes later, my Autobid has only placed a single bid. This time I get to see my username under the FINISHED sign. Awesome!

zakonczonaMFAlarm clock

Strategy: bid first, with an hour or so left to go. I set my alarm clock, so as not to forget about the Auction. Sometimes, though, I don’t hear the alarm. I come back to my computer and… surprise! My bid was the first and only one. The FINISHED sign is a very welcome sign then. This is definitely my favorite scenario.

Out of the blue

Strategy: none. The Auction has been going on for a while. Everyone has set up their Autobids. I quietly join in with a single manual bid and… FINISHED! Such an approach can occasionally pay off. Other users sometimes take a break after going through part of their BIDs. Someone else’s Autobid will take care of the upstart, for sure, many of them think. With luck, every other Auction participant makes the same assumption. This makes victory particularly sweet.

Start a collection of your finished Auctions! It’s fun! 🙂

Author: wellbid

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