How many BIDs do you need to win?

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BIDs are like real money—you like to have them, and you can never get enough. A common line of thought is “the more the better”—so as to have a greater advantage over other Auction participants. But quantity does not always translate into quality.

It’s possible to win an Auction with just a few Bids. Try to figure out which items may attract less attention at a given time. Instead of going after the newest products, pick something that’s already been out for a while. With luck, you’ll win in no time at all. It doesn’t matter that you don’t really need the item. The plan is simple: you bid on, for instance, a Lego City set, then exchange it for BIDs, which you’ll be able to use at Auctions you are more interested in.

BIDs do matter, but it is only in combination with a well thought-out strategy that they show their real power.

Have you ever tried to intimidate your opponents? Set up Autobid in a number Auctions at once, even if you are running low on BIDs. Seeing your Username in five or six Auctions may actually deter others from bidding. He’s after a lot of items, he must have plenty of BIDs in his account—that’s how some users might interpret your participation in several Auctions.

Are you afraid your emotions will get the better of you and you’ll spend too many BIDs? Be clever. Buy a 200 BID pack and join two Auctions. Set up Smart Autobid for a low number of bids in one, and bid manually in the other. Switch between the two strategies to disorient other users. They will see you as an inscrutable adversary, carrying out some secret stratagem. In this way, you can win against people with many more bids in their accounts.

30.03.2015_MFBecome an observer! Keep track of other users’ moves even before you join the Auction. Maybe you can uncover someone’s strategy or notice some unusual activity? Try to determine what the best time to start bidding might be. You could, for instance, enter the fray just as another participant calls it quits. As a passive observer, you will save a bunch of BIDs and gain some knowledge about your rivals.

Of course, you can never tell how many BIDs other users might have, or whether they have just recharged their accounts. This is why you need not only a good supply of BIDs, but also perseverance and restraint. BIDs do matter, but it is only in combination with a well thought-out strategy that they show their real power.

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