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Is it possible to beat the win limits on Wellbid? Yes, it is! This does not mean that someone else’s limits may be higher than yours, though. Keep reading to find out how other users manage to win more Auctions.

03.04.2015_MFTo begin with, you must be the current winner in a number of Auctions. This means you must have a standing high offer in several Auctions at once. The strategy here is a kind of a race against the clock. Click on the “Bid” button at the first Auction and check the clock counting down the remaining time. It may show as much as several minutes, or as little as a few seconds. Now you need to bid on as many Auctions as possible before the clock at the first Auction runs out. If no one outbids you by the time the Auctions end, you will win—once, twice, perhaps even several times.

Remember, you must bid on all the Auction you have chosen before you win the first one. After all, the limits apply to wins, not to mere participation.

You need to pick at least 2 Auctions, but nothing stops you from bidding on as much as 20! Doing so will only improve your odds. If you are not outbid, you will bypass the win limit. You can place your bids manually, but Autobid gives you more control and precision. It will raise the probability of winning a number of Auction in a short span of time even more.

The time of day also matters! Theoretically, you have a better chance of getting around the win limits when there are fewer users logged into the site. It may even happen that you will be the only bidder in the selected Auctions. Try to figure out when the number of visitors might be lower—perhaps on Sundays, in early mornings, or maybe during holidays…?

Of course, you still need a little bit of luck. There’s never any guarantee that you will successfully circumvent the limits. What matters, though, is that you have a chance.

This trick works for any kind of Auction. You can win 2 BID packs in one day, or 6 item Auctions in a row.

We wish you best of luck beating the limits! If you succeed, make sure to let us know in the comments!

P.S. If you see another User win more Auctions than you think they should be able to, first make sure it is actually one and the same person. Most of the time, it is simply a case of very similar usernames. Every now and then, though, you may actually come across someone who has just successfully evaded the limits. 🙂

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