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Are you a beginner Wellbid User? Haven’t won any Auctions yet? These tips will help you become a champion bidder!

14.04.2015_MF1. Get to know the site – browse the Auction list and consider what items you would like to win. Do not forget to read the FAQ and Help pages.

2. Pick one item – bidding on several things at once can be distracting. Better not miss the end of the Auction!

3. Set a goal – figure out how many BIDs you want to put aside for the auction. The statistics found on every Action page should help you work out an estimate.

4. Develop your own strategy – or use some of the tactics posted to our blog by other users. Their ideas could prove to be very helpful.

5. Take baby steps – start out by bidding on inexpensive items, BID packs, or gift cards.

6. Choose carefully – items such as smartphones or cameras draw a lot of bidders. Everyone wants to win, but the more numerous the competition, the worse the odds. Stay away from the crowds and give the less frequented auctions a go.

7. Surprise your rivals – watch the selected auction, but don’t join in immediately. Only start bidding when the other participants have already gone through quite a few BIDs, or when someone quits. This way, you have a better chance for a quick win.

8. Never lose hope – don’t let the first loss break you. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, and should definitely motivate you to keep trying. After all, every bidding champ started out as a newbie!

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