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Every item and BID pack listed on Wellbid has its own auction detail page. The detail page gives you access to plenty of interesting information—and not just about the auctioned product—as well as to a number of useful links. What exactly can you find there?


1. Item pictures – show you exactly what the product looks like. Based on these high-quality images and a thorough description of features and specifications, you can determine whether you’re really interested in the item.

2. “Buy It Now – you can use this option for 24 hours after the end of the Auction and reclaim the BIDs spent on that Auction.

3. Auction clock – counts down the time left until the end of the Auction. Every placed bid resets the clock. If no higher offers are made by the time the countdown reaches zero, the Auction ends and the “Finished” sign is displayed.

4. “Current time to bid” and “bid increment” – you can see how much time you have to place your bid, as well as the exact amount by which every bid increases the item price.

5. “Current price” – is the current price of the item. Compare it to the suggested retail price to see how much you can save buying on Wellbid.

6. The green “Bid” button – allows you to manually bid for the item. If the caption reads “Bid x 3,” three BIDs will be deducted from your account every time you make a new offer.

7. “Recent Bids” – you can see how may users are participating in the Auction, who is using Autobid, and who is bidding manually. You can also see who has just changed their Autobid settings.

8. “Chat” – lets you communicate with other Auction participants. A wide selection of message templates and funny emoticons is at your disposal.

9. “Statistics” – here, you can check key information about recent Auctions: how long they lasted, how many users took part, how many BIDs it took to win.

10. “Comments” – see thousands of happy winners share their joy. You can also take a look at the pictures they’ve sent in.

You definitely should put a few minutes aside for studying the auction detail page. The information available there may help you plan your bidding strategy. Don’t wait—start improving your chances today!

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