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You can buy BIDs or win them at auctions – but there are also a couple of ways to get them at no cost at all. Free recharge codes are waiting. And you don’t need us to tell you that every single BID counts.

06.05.2015_MFHave you just won an item auction? Share your joy with other users. Snap a picture of yourself showing off your state-of-the-art headphones, food processor, or exclusive perfume. Show us what the new projector or speaker set looks like in your apartment. Add a note telling us how happy you are about winning the item, and you could get 200 BIDs! You have 60 days to leave your comment. But why wait? Do it today!

Did something surprising happen during an auction? Would you like to tell us about your first win? Or perhaps you have some other idea for an original text? Write up a blog post that will be of interest to other Wellbid users. Let us know why you have registered on Wellbid. Share a few detail of your strategy. A published entry will get you between 50 and 500 BIDs. As you can see, the reward is well worth the effort.

Auctions are not the only way to have fun on Wellbid. You can get an extra dose of thrills by participating in our contests. To find out more, visit the “News” tab or our Facebook profile. Stay up to date! Extra BIDs will surely come in handy!

Be active and don’t miss your chance for a free recharge code. At an auction, the extra bids could make the difference between winning and losing.

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  1. i really wish i could get a break.. i have watched auctions , tried to pick a prime time to bid, i watch and look at products going off alot when someone just puts smart bids at the beginning and they end up winning. i have tried this so many times and have never won. it seems like every single time i go to bid on a product i attract the whole website to bid against me.. i watch other products and they get purchase with 12 bids. i find something super cheap you think no one wants to bid on and .. here we go 100 plus bids in and they are still bidding.. i just cant get a break… i have put so much money in,…. with nothing to show…. i also wish that well bid would send people like me, that keep trying.. recharge codes every now and then. i keep spending and spending with nothing.. it would keep me interested in staying with the website.. instead of just walking…

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    • Don’t give up now! Every few minutes, a User just like you wins one of our Auctions. Remember that you can improve your chances by reading the tips and strategy advice published on our blog. In the meantime, why not take advantage of one of the opportunities we offer to earn some free BIDs?

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  2. Only found how good it is when you….. Wellbid for something that you have been wanting or saving for and the fun of the a friendly competition its just, well bidtastic

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