How to win with a single bid?

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A one-bid win? Yes, it’s possible! And it doesn’t matter if the auction has been going on for a while or has just began. You can win at any moment, spending very few BIDs in the process. Just as long as you don’t get outbid.

Consider these two scenarios:

Auction 1: User “halulu” is the sole bidder. His bid is the first and – since there are no other offers – final one. “Halulu” wins, buying the item for just €0.01 and saving €301.67.


Auction 2: Several users are engaged in a fierce bidding war. At some point, “glalawo” joins in. Surprisingly, no one outbids him and so he wins the item for just 9 BIDs. Perhaps the others have spent all their BIDs, or their Autobids have run out. Or maybe they have simply lost their concentration. Some participants may have already expended a lot of BIDs by the time the lucky guy swoops in and wins with a single mouse click.


So, in each of these cases it is possible to win with just one bid! Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you bid manually or with Autobid. How do you pull this off?

If you prefer to bid unopposed, pick the right time. Try to figure out when there may be fewer users logged in than usual. Holidays are a possibility, and so are warm, sunny days.

To avoid the crowds, pick items that have already been available for a while. Newly released products draw a lot of attention, which makes them this much harder to win.

Look for lower-priced items. These auctions tend the attract fewer bidders. On the other hand, users may be reluctant to bid on big ticket merchandise – precisely for fear of too much competition. So, it is possible to stumble into an auction for a €1,500 TV and win it with one bid.

What if a whole bunch of people are fighting for your dream smartphone? Fall back on your secret weapon and set up Smart Autobid for the minimum number of bids. As soon as there’s just one person left in the auction, your Smart Autobid will top the last offer. If there are no other Autobids set for this auction, you’ll win a cutting-edge phone with just one bid.

Start bidding when the auction has already been going on for a while and its participants are no longer paying as much attention. You may happen to place your first bid just as other users’ Autobids or account balances reach zero.

If you manage to win with a single bid, leave a comment to let us know. Best of luck!

Author: wellbid

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