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Bidding is underway and you need to take care of some urgent business. Don’t want to miss anything? Here’s a solution.

If you’re on you way to work or out hiking and don’t have your laptop handy, you can bid from your phone! Open your web browser, head to, and use the site just as you normally would. If you’re an iPhone user, download our free app from the App Store, sign in, and start bidding on the item of your dreams.

Can’t actively participate at the moment? Set up Autobid for a large number of bids to keep the auction from ending. If you do your math right, your BIDs might last until you get back home. Just keep in mind that the time to bid changes as the auction goes on.

If you want to outsmart others, use Smart Autobid. It will not activate immediately, but instead will wait until the best possible moment, namely when there is only one bidder left in the auction. With luck, you may even return home before your Smart Autobid places its first bid. 😉

Smart Autobid is also useful when you have to step away from your computer for a few minutes. Imagine you’re watching an auction that has attracted a lot of interest form other users. New Autobids pop up all the time, and you badly need some coffee. That’s a good moment to set up Smart Autobid. When other bidders quit or run out of BIDs, your Smart Autobid will kick in. Give this approach a try—it could help you win.

Just because you can’t reach your computer does not mean you have no chance to win an auction. In fact, it might even inspire you to come up with a new, effective bidding strategy.

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