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I’m fairly new to Wellbid. I’ve participated in three auctions so far and have just managed to win my first one! Here’s my path to victory.

04.06.2015_MFI was determined to take it slow. First, I had a look at some completed auctions. I wanted to see how much the items sold for and how much the winners managed to save. The nickel-and-dime prices sure did impress me. A Hugo Boss fragrance for 15 cents? An Apple tablet for 9 cents? That’s enough to give you pause!

Encouraged by other users’ successes, I started bidding on a photo camera. I went through 135 BIDs, but someone else won the auction. I have since realized: I did not get the camera because I had no strategy.

After this experience, I decided to stick to lower-valued items for a while. I browsed through ongoing auctions to find out how many people competed for the items. I was drawn to a $20 gift card + 200 BID pack bundle. There were only a few other bidders, so I hoped it would be easy pickings. 33 BIDs later, the auction was won by another user. Now I know: I was bidding manually, while the winner was using Autobid. At some point my attention simply slipped and I missed my chance to up the price.

I said to myself, “Third time’s the charm.” I focused on BID pack auctions – I needed to replenish my account after the two losses. One auction had four bidders, so I decided to skip it. There was another one, though, for a 500 BID pack, that only had three participants, all bidding manually. Immediately, I set up Autobid – 10 bids at first, then 12 more. And… victory! I was the only one to use Autobid, so perhaps the others got scared.

Mission accomplished: I got a lot of BIDs for future auctions. Right away, I started planning what I was going to bid on the following day…

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