Check out the “Statistics” tab!

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The “Statistics” tab is an important source of intelligence for all those who do not wish to get carried away while bidding. If you prefer to plan ahead, rather than play it by ear, you would do well to get acquainted with the information available there.

Want to thoroughly prepare for an auction? Visit the “Statistics” tab, available on every auction detail page. It gives you detailed information about ten previous auctions featuring the given item. You can see the amount of BIDs spent by other users, as well as auction duration time and the number of participants.

The summary view on the right shows the average auction duration, the average BID amount expended by the winner, the average number of bidders, and the average number of Autobids set.
statistic_ALLAfter analyzing all the data, you need to figure out the most effective strategy. Estimate whether you have a sufficient BID balance. Can you get an iPhone with 200 BIDs in your account? Well, you could just wing it and see what happens. But, if you want to avoid a disappointment, we suggest doing your homework first.

The stats will tell you not only how many BIDs you might need to improve your chances, but also how much competition you should expect. Be smarter than the rest—research past auctions, draw conclusions, and develop a strategy!

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