Recharge before you bid

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Many of you probably wonder how many BIDs you need to be successful. Does it even make sense to start bidding with a low BID balance? Perhaps you should recharge your account first?

13.06.2015_MFIf you plan to bid on your dream smartphone, don’t wait until the last moment to buy that BID pack. If you run out of BIDs during the auction, you will have to recharge your account in a hurry.

Recharging your account while an auction is in progress is a risky move. Your internet connection might give you trouble, you may come up against a spending limit on your credit card, or it may turn out your bank is done processing transactions for the day. Keep in mind that Wellbid has no control over the payment process and that it may take several minutes for your purchase to be confirmed. By that time, the auction may already be over.

You should definitely visit the “Statistics” tab available on every auction detail page. It will tell you how many BIDs, on average, it took to win. You need to watch the auctions very closely, too, as it might be possible to win with just one bid.

If you’re running low on BIDs, pick auctions with products that have already been on the market for a while. New releases often attract more interest than other items. That’s why it might make more sense to go for something else instead, and then exchange your winnings for more BIDs.

Pick the most opportune moment to join in and bid like a champ, spending as little as possible!

When do you buy BIDs: before or during an auction? Let us know in the comments.

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