Autobid? Awesome!

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During an auction, many of you might wonder whether you should use Autobid. The answer is simple: yes! Don’t be scared of Autobid—it’s a great tool that makes bidding much easier and frees up your time for other pursuits.

With Autobid, you no longer have to worry about placing your bid in time. Autobid will do it for you. Neither do you need to be concerned about spending to many BIDs on one auction. Just set your Autobid for the exact number of bids you want to place. The “Bid” button clearly indicates how many BIDs will be deducted from your account with every offer made. With this information, it is easy to plan your bidding budget.


When does Autobid prove most useful to me?

* I’m at work and an auction for an item I really want is about to begin. I set up Autobid and occasionally check how many bids I have left.

* I no longer have to choose between an auction and a party. I set up Autobid and I’m free to enjoy the company of my friends. When I have a moment, I pull up Wellbid on my iPhone for a quick look at bidding progress.

* If an auction I’m interested in takes place at night, I program my Autobid for a large number of bids and… sleep easy until morning.

* Sometimes, I just don’t know when to start bidding. Smart Autobid is the perfect solution: it activates when there is just one bidder left in the auction. This really improves my chances.

* Many users are reluctant to join an auction when they see active Autobids. I take advantage of this to intimidate others and get rid of some of the competition.

* Every now and then, I participate in several auctions at once. Since I don’t have the time to keep track of all of them, I set up Autobids. Problem solved!

All in all, Autobid has plenty of upsides: it’s useful, convenient, and continues to bid even after you sign out from the site. You only need to use it once to realize what an awesome feature it is!

Author: julia

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