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At our auctions, you can purchase not only brand-name products, but also a variety of BID packs! It’s a quick and easy way to boost your account balance.

Packs of 100, 500 BIDs are available. BID pack auctions can be found in the “BID Packs & Gift Cards” category. Several hundred of them are held daily, so everyone’s bound to find something to their liking. We auction off as much as 50,000 BIDs per day! BID packs are also bundled with some items.

MF_ALL_24.06Since BID pack auctions begin every several minutes, you can pick any time or strategy you want. It’s only up to you how many auctions you participate in. If you miss out on one of them, no big deal—you can join another one in just a few moments. Meanwhile, take a look at the ongoing auctions. You have plenty of time to decide which BID packs you are interested in and when to start bidding.

On Wellbid, you can win one BID pack auction a day. It’s enough to accumulate an impressive account balance in a fairly short time. Assuming you buy just one pack a day, within a month you could pocket anywhere between 3,000 and 77,500 BIDs!

Special BID packs appear in connection with various holidays and events. For instance, on Wellbid’s sixth birthday, we put up for auction promo packs of… 5,000 BIDs each!

What BID pack auctions do you like to participate in? How many have you won so far? We’re waiting for your comments!

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