How to bid on several auctions at once

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You must have wondered if it is a good idea to participate in several auctions at once. Given how exciting bidding on just one item can be, what about several items at the same time? That has got to be really intense!

How to bid on a number of auctions simultaneously? You have two options:

1. You can bid right from the main page. This has several benefits:

– you can see all the auctions in one place,

– you are able to quickly place bids on various auctions and react to your rivals’ moves,

– you immediately know when one of your auctions ends.

Of course, there are some disadvantages, too:

– you can only bid manually,

– if you set up Autobid, you can’t see how many bids you have left without leaving the main page.

30.06_MF2. You can open each auction is a separate window. In this case, the benefits are as follows:

– you can clearly see everything that is happening at a given auction,

– you know how many other bidders there are, who has just joined the auction, and who has changed the settings on their Autobid,

– if you set up Autobid, you can easily monitor the remaining bids,

– it’s easier to figure out other users’ tactics.

On the downside, however:

– if bidding manually, you can miss the window for placing bids,

– you cannot immediately see all the changes taking place at the auctions.

Before you bid on several auctions at once, consider your bidding method. You can bid manually, by clicking the “Bid” button. Or, you can set up Autobid. The latter is very convenient, since it spares you constant switching between auction pages. Smart Autobid is even more handy — it recognizes when there is just one participant left in the auction and only then starts placing your bids.

What’s your strategy? Do you prefer to bid on a couple of auctions simultaneously or to focus on a single one? We’re waiting for your comments! 🙂

Author: julia

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