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I’ve learned about Wellbid by chance, when one of my friends “liked” it on Facebook. I had a look at the blog and read up on bidding strategies. I also watched a few auctions. All those big-name products looked really tempting, so I created an account and bought a 2000 BID promo pack.

For starters, I joined an auction for a $20 gift card. A couple of bids and… I actually managed to win! The gift card arrived in my mailbox on the same day. Thanks to the quick win I still had plenty of BIDs in my account and could head right into other auctions.

03.07_MFI didn’t win the next one—the winner must have had more BIDs than I did. I didn’t give up, though. The next day, I bought a 200 BID promo pack. This time, I joined several auctions at once. I wanted to try out some of the strategies shared by other Wellbid users.

I was surprised beyond words when I won one of the auctions I was bidding on. I scored a cutting-edge camera for just 15 cents! I had never planned on buying such expensive gear. Even with the shipping cost, the price was ridiculously low. The package arrived a few days later and the camera was mine—brand spanking new, warranty and all!

I keep watching current auctions, I read the blog, and study other user’s posts. Then, I work out my own bidding strategies. I can win many more auctions, I’m sure of it!

Author: julia

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  1. Hi i am new user but I have an problem ,mi country is republic of Yemen i can’t buy anything. Please give me solution for this problem.

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    • Please contact our Customer Service using the form available under My account > Contact us

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