What to bid on first?

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Newly registered? Great! You’ve bought your first BID pack and are now wondering what to bid on first. You’re probably tempted to go after that top-of-the-line camera. Hold on just a sec, though. 🙂

First, think up a strategy and put your skills to the test at a couple of different auctions. Don’t immediately jump on the latest products—they will likely attract a lot of potential buyers. Our auctions feature plenty of other items that will make a good start to your Wellbid adventure! Here’s a few suggestions:

1) Bid on inexpensive items

BLOG_2015_06_002_MF1_t28_pFor beginners, we recommend the “BID Packs and Gift Cards” category. Test your abilities by bidding on an Amazon Gift Card. If you win, you can redeem the code on Amazon and get anything you want!

You should also have a look at the “Amazing Deals” section. Here, under a single heading, you will find selected items from all product categories: from fragrances and cosmetics to flash drives and more. It’s a good place to try out various strategies.

2) Bid on niche items

See which auctions draw fewest users. If you win something you don’t need, you can always exchange it for BIDs. With your account balance boosted, you’ll be ready for more bidding.

3) Bid on items you need

Want to get something practical? The “Home & You” section features plenty of useful items such as vacuum cleaners, electric screwdrivers, and kitchen equipment. Or perhaps peace and quiet are what you need? A hammock is the answer! That’s relaxation in its purest form. “Health & Beauty” is an attention-worthy category, too. Late again because your wife has been camping in the bathroom for hours? Surprise her with a curling iron that will help her style her hair in a couple of minutes. 🙂

It’s up to you to decide what to bid on first. Don’t forget to leave comments to the auctions you win.

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